Back to Basics in 30 Days is a 4-week guided workout program for every body of all fitness levels!  We have included weekly submissions as well as interactive virtual workshops to keep you accountable.  In addition, before and after assessments are included to track your progress! 

Welcome to Back to Basics in 30 Days!

Back to Basics in 30 Days will help you to reset your fitness workout schedule after having a great summer!  Other goals are to be strong and fit throughout the months of September and October!  There are 4 core weeks and each week you will download a new workout guide booklet.  Several modifications are available within the guide – using body weight only, adding on dumbbells; choosing low impact or high impact workouts; and working on an incline (such as a step, chair or bench) to increase or decrease your challenge level.  In week 4, the last week, you have a choice to use a circular mini band for some exercises as well.

How the Program Works:
  • Submit your initial assessment following along with the guide book before the 4 core weeks – this will include your initial heart rate, sleep and energy scores, flexibility & strength assessment and your blood pressure (if you can!).
  • Follow along with the 4 weekly workout guides week to week
  • Accountability workshops will be available based on participant interest and availability to ask any questions, practice any exercises or even to do the workout together to increase your success.
  • Submit a weekly check-in to help you stay accountable
  • Once the program is finished, repeat the initial assessment to compare your results

This page is where you will find all of the weekly workouts and where you will submit your assessments and accountability submissions.

  • New workout guide books will be released on THURSDAYS
  • Complete your weekly submissions also on THURSDAYS.  You will have the whole week to do this.

download the weekly guide books below

Initial Assessment

Welcome to Back to Basics in 30 Days!

We’re so glad you joined and I hope you are too!  Before the weekly workouts begin the week of September 12th, let’s assess your current state of fitness.

We encourage EVERYONE to complete an assessment.

Using the button below, download the assessments guidebook to find out how to take your assessment.  If you require assistance, please send an e-mail to